Pain Management & Anesthesiologist Treatment

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Pain Management & Anesthesiologist Treatment

Anaesthesia and good pain management play a vital role in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients at Aayush Hospital. Our specialist anaesthetists work in close collaboration with other departments to provide exceptional patient care. Patient safety is paramount. Our anaesthetists are involved in the assessment of patients before their operation to select the most appropriate anaesthetic technique for each patient. We endeavour to keep all patients and their families well informed about what they will experience before and after their surgery.

In the operating theatre, our anaesthetists expertly monitor all patients continuously using the most modern equipment available. Our involvement extends into the postoperative period, providing an around the clock pain management service to ensure that all patients are kept as comfortable as possible. We also provide services outside of the operating theatres including a multidisciplinary chronic pain management clinic for cancer patients.

What we offer

  •   Chronic Pain Management for cancer
  •   Pain Management for sports injuries.